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Your Medicare choices are very important when you retire. No matter where you are, you should make sure you’re covered.

If you’re a snowbird and have two homes, when enrolling for Medicare, you should only use your permanent residential address that your Social Security has on record. You won’t have to update your address every time you leave for the cold weather. Similar to your Social Security, you can use your permanent address for Medicare.

A Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy, such as Medigap, can assist in covering some of the outstanding medical expenses including:

How Medigap Works

You may be wondering how Medigap works for snowbirds. The first step when you purchase the Medigap plan that best fits your needs, is to list your permanent resident address. This is important so your plan is based on what is available in your zip code. You can then use that Medigap plan anywhere in the country, so you’ll be coveraged!

Determining The Best Plan for You

You’ll want to focus on your potential out-of-pocket costs and monthly premiums now that you know more about how each plan will cover you as a snowbird. Some states may be more expensive than others, so you should consider all possibilities.

You should also think about the providers and facilities in both places. It is critical that you have coverage no matter where you are, especially since you will be in both locations throughout the year.

Paying For Your Medigap Plan

To pay for your Medigap premiums, we recommend that you set up a monthly bank draft. If you choose to be billed directly for your plan’s premium, you’ll need to update your mailing address with your carrier to avoid a delay in coverage due to a missed bill.

We’re Here To Help

Our team is ready to assist you and streamline the process of getting your supplemental Medigap policies, which will pay for any out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare A and B.

Get the protection you need to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. You can always contact us to set up your free appointment!

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